How to determine if a porn site is safe

Free porn sites have always been known as dangerous in terms of internet safety. After all, given their popularity and the unbeatable human interest in steamy content, they present the perfect vessel for hackers and trojans. However, there are safe sources of top-notch pornography, and all you need to protect yourself is do a little digging for such porn oases. Here are are few simple tips for security-conscious users (which we all should be) to follow.

Determine the funding source

This rule of thumb says that is you understand how the site is monetized in general, your guess concerning its safety should be accurate. And this rule usually holds true. Overall, paid resources are by far the safest. Here is why.

Where To Watch Free Porn

Today, pornography is ubiquitous on the internet. There are myriads of sites, both free and paid, with tons of arousing content for every sexual taste. Naturally, resources that profit from user subscription is usually more concerned about keeping these users safe. However, with a reliable VPN and effective antivirus, you may still explore the world of free porno while staying protected. This does not imply that all such sites are laced with malware, but some of them certainly are. Here are several decent sources of hot adult content for $0.  

1. Pornhub

Probably, the first site that springs to mind whenever you think of free porn online. And there is a good reason for 

Paid porn vs. free porn

Today, as much as half of all internet content is related to porn. Adult content is easily accessible at the click of a mouse, and you can get it for free. However, paying for porn makes sense for a number of reasons. Here is a basic comparison of the two options.

Paid porn: advantages

Some internet users are simply not used to paying for their content. After all, you may find almost anything for free. However, paid porn sites offer superior content for a number of reasons.

VR-Porn: Reality and Prospects

Today, our porn experience is enhanced by VR, and the influence goes both ways. Not only has the emergence of headsets spurred the development of immersive porn; porn is the locomotive for this type of technologies, as it has always been the driver of innovations. Now, sexual pleasures in virtual reality feel incredibly close to real life. The industry is booming, and the reasons are obvious.


VR porn is relatively easy to access. First of all, most porn collections on the internet now feature clips and full-length movies in the format. Secondly, sometimes the only thing you need to purchase is a VR headset, which may sometimes cost next to nothing. In addition to the high-end models from Oculus or Samsung, there are cardboard goggles, which are okay for newbies. And if you already own a PS4, you already have the required equipment. Aside from that, you will need speedy internet, almost any connected device (from smartphone to PC), access to VR porn videos and a special app if necessary.

How to pay for porn safely

If you have decided to buy premium porn content, you have made the right decision. After all, the quality of paid videos is superb, and sites with subscription fees are less likely to be laced with malware. However, no site is absolutely safe, and the security of online payments often remains a concern. On the internet of porn, however, the rules are identical to general considerations for online transactions.

Statistics say that as many as two-thirds of all credit card fraud cases in 2016 were related to CNP (card not present) transactions. Other factors contributing to the rapid rise in fraudulent practices include mobile payments, growing e-commerce, general increases in money flows across the globe, and data breaches. So, here is what a user should do.