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We all try our best level not to suggest biryani to those who are going to Hyderabad for the first time, but what can we do if our biryanis are simply irresistible. We all know that the cafes of the old town are the best places to have authentic biryani. However, the atmosphere can scare people from other cities who do not know how to talk Hyderabadi jargon. So, for the sake of biryani, here are some of the” best restaurants in Hyderabad” for an almost original flavor:

Tastiest and Top Biryani Restaurants In Hyderabad

1. Cafe Bahar

Courtesy: Chandra-Sekhar

It can certainly be said that this is one of the emblematic places of Hyderabad for the haleem and the biryani. They serve the best flavors when it comes to charming delights at extremely reasonable prices. Finish your meal with the Qubani Ka Meetha dessert.

Location: Old MLA Quarters, Hyderguda, Basheer Bagh
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 600

2. Sarvi

Courtesy: zomato.com

Although they are located in one of the main localities of the city, they serve spicy biryanis at decent prices. It is necessary to dig dum biryani or the dum biryani chicken and snatch.

Location: Opposite Care Hospital, Road 11, Banjara Hills
Cost for Two: ~ Rs. 850

3. Bawarchi

Courtesy: Sandhya

The biryani here is so appetizing that coffee has this standard note on its door “We have no other branches”. So do not leave soon with another board that says Bawarchi restaurant in town. The best biryani here is the biryani sheep and for beginners try the Boti Kebab.

Location: next to the Astoria Hotel, RTC Cross Road, Chikkadpally, Nallakunta
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 600

4. Shah Ghouse

Courtesy: facebook.com/shah ghouse

This place is not only a good biryani at lunchtime, but also the best place to satisfy the cravings of midnight biryani. The Tangdi kebab and the haleem are the best accompaniments for the meal in the biryani. Finish your meal with the original Irani Chai.

Location: Opposée SA Imperial Gardens, Near RTA Office, Tolichowki
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 600

5. Grand Hotel

Courtesy: zomato.com

If you are shopping in Koti or Abids, you have to stop here for a satisfying biryani time. They are open until 2 in the morning so you never worry about missing your favorite sheep biryani.

Location: in front of the Big Bazaar, 4-1-395, Abids Road
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 600

6. Meridian Cafe & Restaurant

Courtesy: Javed-Mohammed- (The-Food-Rahbarr)

Another popular haunt that has become a landmark in Hyderabad is the Meridian Cafe. Since they are very close to the PVR, one can savor the biryani after a good period of film. You can also try the sheep chops or the grilled chicken if you are looking for something different.

Location: 6-3-697 / 1, Panjagutta Cross Road, Panjagutta
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 550

7. Hotel Shadab

Courtesy: Zubair-Zuby-Zu

Sheep biryani, paya, biryani chicken, shirmal, shikampuri kebabs are some of the many amazing dishes you can clog up at the Shadab Hotel. Apparently, these places beat many historical sites in Hyderabad, being among the best places to visit in Hyderabad.

Location: 21, opposite Madina Building, High Court Road
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 850

8. Maa Ooru biryani

Courtesy: Bhargav-Reddy

Generally, people are looking for hamburger chains or fast food for a gathering place, but Maa Ooru biryani is an ideal way to catch up with your friends. The best part, you get biryani or finger that lick good chicken pops.

Location: MIG 423, Sri Maruthi Nilayam, Phase 3, KPHB, Kukatpally
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 350

9. Hotel Abhiruchi

Courtesy: zomato.com

Finally, a place where you can have fabulous Biryani shrimp with Andhra specialties. You can also try the puddle kodi biryani instead of the regular flavors. This is the perfect cafe for IT guys in the neighborhood.

Location: Durgam Cheruvu Road, Near Nectar Gardens, Madhapur
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 700

10. Silver Salt

Courtesy: zomato.com

We all know that Hyderabad has great places and tasty biryanis, but what if you wanted the best of both worlds in the same place? It is then that you go towards the silver salt and fill up on the shisha and the biryani at the same time.

Location: 6th Floor, Sufi Chambers Complex, Route 1, Banjara Hills
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 1200

11. Paradise

Courtesy: zomato.com

Well, if one speaks of legendary biananic articulations, one must mention Paradise. Now that there is a distribution in the city, one can choose to have their specialty at one of the 9nines, but you can always go to the Circle of Paradise in Secunderabad.

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