Month: March 2019

VR-Porn: Reality and Prospects

Today, our porn experience is enhanced by VR, and the influence goes both ways. Not only has the emergence of headsets spurred the development of immersive porn; porn is the locomotive for this type of technologies, as it has always been the driver of innovations. Now, sexual pleasures in virtual reality feel incredibly close to real life. The industry is booming, and the reasons are obvious.


VR porn is relatively easy to access. First of all, most porn collections on the internet now feature clips and full-length movies in the format. Secondly, sometimes the only thing you need to purchase is a VR headset, which may sometimes cost next to nothing. In addition to the high-end models from Oculus or Samsung, there are cardboard goggles, which are okay for newbies. And if you already own a PS4, you already have the required equipment. Aside from that, you will need speedy internet, almost any connected device (from smartphone to PC), access to VR porn videos and a special app if necessary.