APSRTC official ONLINE APP Download|APSRTC Bus Information System


In this article you are going to learn about APSRTC Bus Schedule Download APSRTC Bus Information System – Free download APSRTC official ONLINE APP Download APSRTC ONLINE APP for Android Free.

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APSRTC ONLINE APP Download|APSRTC Bus Information System

APSRTC official ONLINE APP Download:

APSRTC Mobile Apps – Andhra Pradesh State Road Transportation Corporation (APSRTC) now enter the modernization way. They have adopted modern technology to provide better service to passengers. Now, one day, all use smart phones because of this reason APSRTC introduced three new applications. Travelers APSRTC official ONLINE APP Download directly to the Play Store. Now all these APSRTC mobile apps running only on Android. Soon they will develop to other platforms too. And they also introduced the television system into the busses and i-tims too.

Download APSRTC Apps- APSRTC Bus Information System

Here is given some applications that are introduced by APSRTC people. Because of all these applications passengers can reduce their burden and they can save their time too. So, who use the smart phones that support android can download APSRTC Apps. Check out some APSRTC smart applications here.

Live Stream of City Bus

City Bus live follow-up travelers’ app can know the details of the bus. By using GPS they can find the location of the bus and when it arrives at their station and details of services at various locations all will be available. In the event of an emergency in the bus, a message will be sent to the main PSTN depot. TCS developed APSRTC City Bus Live Tracking App.

Download APSRTC Live Track App

Reservation Bus tracking

This application is useful for passengers who have made their reservations. By using this application, passengers can know the details of buses, such as when they are reached to their place and at what time they will be reached. Dreamsoft firm, developing APSRTC Reservation Bus tracking App.


Now, passengers can watch live TV in APSRTC Buses. The government introduced this service in 45 amaravati buses for experimental purposes. On the basis of the result, they will increase these services to other buses. For this live TV, they will fix a configuration box on the bus and the screen will be attached to the bus folder.

Using these passengers can watch all channels live. In APSRTC live television, they broadcast about 250 channels. Passengers having their own remote control and head set to watch live TV APSRTC.

APSRTC E Portfolio

APSRTC has introduced a new electronic wallet system to book bus tickets online. Before if someone wants to book bus ticket means first they will enter the official portal apsrtc and select their place and after payment only passenger can get ticket. To reduce this whole process and to save time, RTC introduced the e-wallet application.

By using APSRTC e-wallet, we can add a certain amount to this portfolio. By using this application, we can book tickets easily and using this APSRTC App we can get few discounts and benefits. By using this application the transactions will be a little watt easy, and if someone cancels their money ticket will return with in the short period of time.

Soon APSRTC introduce i-TIMs, ticket booking kiosk in busy bus stations. If you need information about APSRTC Apps, leave a comment here.

Can also check APSRTC Online Buss Pass system.

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