*Latest* Bhim-Aadhaar Payment app download-launched by PM modi

Bhim-Aadhaar Payment app download

Bhim-Aadhaar Payment app download-launched by PM modi

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NEW DELHI / NAGPUR: The support of Aadhaar’s identity system, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Friday the application Bhim-Aadhaar Pay, a system that allows to go through the printing of the thumb.
The Prime Minister praised the Minister of Telecommunications Ravi Shankar Prasad and his team for their efforts to provide a sound ecosystem for “Digital India” and asked him to obtain the patented technology. Modi said he had been asked by African leaders if India could help them implement similar processes in their countries.
“I congratulate Prasad and his team for their efforts to study and analyze the best technologies and innovations that have taken place around the globe and bring the primary technology to provide a robust, secure and user-friendly digital ecosystem for citizens,” said M Modi.

“Bhim-Aadhaar payment app is going to be a case study for world renowned universities in the days to come, and will be seen as the foundation of an economic revolution in the world.” I urge Ravi Shankar Prasad to advance this Initiative, the world is looking forward to replicating this model in their respective countries, “the minister said at a function in Nagpur.
Prasad said the application would stimulate “transparency and honesty”. “The essence and idea behind the PM’s” Digital India “initiative is that if we send Rs 100 from Delhi it must reach the poor beneficiary fully. Crore bank accounts have been opened to the poor in the past two years, “added the minister.
Modi also launched two incentive schemes for the Bhim application – refund and recommendation premium – with an expense of Rs 495 crore for six months. He said for every person presented to the Bhim application, one would get a refund of Rs 10+. “If you refer 20 people a day, you can win Rs 200,” he added.

Bhim-Aadhaar Pay, the market interface of the Bhim application, will pave the way for digital payments using biometric data – fingerprints or iris scanners – on a commercial device that could even be a smart phone with a reader Biometric.
As YOU reported for the first time, users would not have access to smart phones, internet, debit or credit cards to make a digital payment to a merchant. Already, 27 major banks are on board with 7.15 lakh merchants who will begin accepting payments using Bhim-Aadhaar payement app.

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