The best-*Paytm- Christmas gifts surprise Offers and Gifts*| Top-Paytm Christmas -Offer

Paytm-2016 Christmas -gifts- and- surprise- Offers - Best -cashback- and- flat -off
Paytm-2016 Christmas gifts and surprise Offers – Best cashback and flat off

Christmas is walking, Santa Claus and the reindeer have flown and Paytm is ready to enchant you again. The season of joy has just begun; We have an amazing range of Christmas gifts for you. Paytm presents Christmas Sale 2016 on a wide range of products, which will leave you undoubtedly spoiled for choice. Take advantage of our sale and buy yourself something from this deal. If you are not sure what to give as Christmas presents to your loved ones, then browse the best Christmas surprise offers from 2015-16 to Paytm and choose from our unlimited choices.

2015 year end offers arrived, get the best deals online from Paytm and make your festival happiest. Choose from low-cost products with discounts and cashback offers.
Buy” Paytm Christmas surprise offers” online with incredible offers at Paytm!

Embellish your shopping experience with Christmas offers on our festive collections. We have a wide range of products as part of this Christmas sale. Shop all products from categories such as fashion, electronics, home and kitchen, gifts, sweets and many more Christmas offers available online as well as effortless delivery options.

Be a secret Santa and let Christmas 2016 bring smiles to your loved ones through “Paytm online Christmas surprise offers”. Explore the latest trends in fashion, decorations, home and cooking utensils, gifts and more to rejoice in the opportunity. If you are thinking of a perfect Christmas gift idea, then you will find amazing Christmas gifts for girls and boys paytm online at best Christmas deals and discounts.

We have a lot to keep your merry days with “paytm online Christmas gift and surprise offers from our huge range. We have everything for your loved ones. Discover and choose from our assortment and enjoy Christmas discounts and Christmas offers.

Guys is the time of celebration, make this Christmas a memory worth for all your loved ones, buy “Paytm online Christmas gifts” today!

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Paytm-2016 Christmas gifts and surprise Offers”

  • Men’s fashion up to 70% Off
  • Women’s fashion up to 60% Off
  • Party sarees up to 70% Off
  • Causal shoes up to 60% Off
  • Power Bank up to 80% Off
  • Blockheads up to 70% Off
  • Lamp and lighting up to 60% Off
  • Foot ball assososaries up to 60% Off
  • Toys Flat 50% Cash back
  • Chocolates gifts up 40% Off
  • Car stores flat 18% Flat Off

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Latest Walmart APK Download Free Software, Wallpapers, Drivers

Latest Walmart APK Download – Free Shopping APP for Android Download free Walmart app for Android devices Walmart Mobile App
Walmart App: Shopping, Savings Catcher, & More Walmart for iPhone – Download Walmart 3.1.0 – Download Free Software, Wallpapers, Drivers
latest Walmart APK Download Walmart – Download Free Software, Wallpapers, Drivers, and …

Walmart Mobile App – Find low prices on the go
Walmart offers a variety of mobile apps that are sure to keep prices down wherever you go. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, Walmart has a shopping app for you. Do you have an iPad, a Windows phone or any other device with Internet access? Visit from your device’s browser.

The “Walmart app for iPhone and Android”allows you to browse, search and buy products, view reversals and locate the nearest Walmart store. Walmart’s mobile app helps you find $ 4 recipes and order refills on-site. You can also view, share and print your photos online if you’re on an Android device.” Download the Walmart iPhone” app from the App Store or the Android app from Google Play Store and you’ll get even more fun and useful features: create a shopping list and add products to a list of Favorites using voice input or text or by scanning barcodes. You can even check the price or availability of products. Also on the Walmart app, you can find locations for items in your shopping list.

No matter which smart phone you’re on, the “Walmart Mobile app” will help you make smart purchases even if you’re in your nearest Walmart store. Click here on the App Store logo or the Google Play Store logo to download the Walmart app. Choose your device – and start saving time and money today.

 Walmart APK Download Free Software, Wallpapers, Drivers

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Our award-winning application saves you time and money online with services to facilitate your purchases and millions of items at unbeatable prices. Check …
Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, Walmart has a shopping app for you. … The Walmart app for iPhone and Android allows you to browse, search and buy products, view reversals and locate the nearest Walmart store. The Walmart Mobile App helps you find $ 4 …
. Our award-winning application saves you time and money online with services to facilitate your purchases and millions of items at an unbeatable price …

Download Walmart apk 17.5.2 and all the history of the version for Android. Save time and money with Economizer, Pharmacy, Registry, Lists and more.
Walmart for iPhone, free and secure download. … the most dominant retailers in the world, it is not surprising that sooner or later Walmart has its own iPhone app.
Download Walmart 3.1.0 for Android. Save time and money on your Walmart purchases for Android with the Walmart app.
Download Walmart 1.4.1 apk latest version for Android. Buy more smartly and save more with the Walmart app. Save time and money with .

Full Form of Paytm (Name Origin)|Who is owner of Paytm

What is the full form for PAY TM ?

Full Form of Paytm : Paytm is the largest mobile commerce platform in India. Paytm started with mobile charging and utility bill payments and today it offers a complete market to consumers on its mobile apps. Paytm is an e-commerce company in India. Paytm began with a mission to create a mobile payment system for India and named Pay Thru Mobile (was written as PayTM in the early days), according to Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of Paytm.

Who is owner of Paytm?

Type of site    E-commerce
Founded         2010 (2010)
Headquarters    Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Area served    India
Founder(s)    Vijay Shekhar Sharma

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What is paytm and how to use paytm wallet?

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How much amount shall I add to paytm?

How do I send money to someone using Paytm? | Paytm FAQ

What is the meaning of Paytm?

Paytm means Pay Through Mobile. It is a website where you can do with paytm online mobile recharges, bill payments through paytm, DTH recharges, data card recharges, paytm bus tickets booking and much more.

What is Paytm and how does it work?

Paytm Wallet allows you to safely store money, and at your convenience and comfort, save your credit or debit card for fast and secure transactions. Our Paytm Wallet card approved by RBI is the future of money management, which facilitates consumer payments on mobile, web and physical destinations.

Paytm Instant online Mobile Recharge- How to do?|Use paytm promocode

Paytm Instant online Mobile Recharge:

Hello guys here im going to explain you “how to do recharge your mobile through Paytm” .Mobile phones today have become very parts and parcel of our lives, so is mobile recharge.

PAytm Online mobile recharge – easy online recharge for prepaid and Post paid

With the rapid  development in  in technology, internet enables us to perform many tasks that were previously impossible. “Now you can make paytm instant online mobile recharge” recharge and  it is the most easy-free paytm mobile recharge experience. Avail seamless and quick and best facilities at online at paytm website and forget the old troublesome and any offline process.

With Paytm, you can do numbers of  easy recharge online at anytime and from anywhere you do wish, may be it from home, holiday,office, or traveling, all you must need is internet access.
In this ever busy world, nobody has time to visit stores for recharging their numbers. Paytm instant mobile recharge service is an ultimate solution, it is quick & uncomplicated process.At paytm  Prepaid Mobile Recharge Service Providers are Available.
Have a great enjoy the benefit of “Paytm Prepaid online instant mobile Recharge”  in a jiffy without traveling to any stores. Paytm offers  and instant paytm online mobile recharge service for India’s top mobile  networks i.e. | Vodafone Mobile Recharge |Airtel Mobile Recharge Idea Mobile Recharge | Reliance Mobile Recharge | MTNL Mobile Recharge |Tata Docomo GSM Mobile Recharge |  BSNL Mobile Recharge | | Tata Docomo CDMA|Aircel Mobile Recharge | MTS Mobile Recharge  Mobile Recharge and many many more.

Paytm-Instant- Mobile- Recharge- How- to- do

For more details mobile recharge and promo codes click here

How to do paytm Instant mobile recharge online and how to use paytm promocode?

Here I’m going to help you how to do instant mobile recharge online for your prepaid mobile in simple steps, all you need to do is just enter the correct information in three tabs i.e.

•    Enter your prepaid mobile number
•    Select your type of mobile operator
•    Fill  the amount in respective coloum
•    “Pick mobile recharge promo code” of your best choice and get cashback and many other paytm offers
•    Now you can proceed for payment and also you can do so through Debit / Credit Card, Net Banking or any Paytm Wallet as per your wish, all paytm payments are secure and protected by their system.

For paytm online mobile recharge click here

It is an effortless task with Paytm, it saves your efforts, time and money too!
Easy Mobile Recharge Online, Exciting Offers & More!
Patm is a very nice platform to make your online mobile recharge in just easy and free steps. Avail superb, no difficulty and safe online mobile recharge service using detailed plans anytime through your desktop or mobile or any .

Search through the data plans, Full talk time plans, top-up plans,roaming plans and many more before doing so and attract the best offers on all operators.
As easy as it sounds! Prepaid “paytm instant online mobile recharge” process with Paytm will complete in few minutes and immediately reflect the transaction through or mail SMS. Top up your phone in minutes.
To make your experience the happiest one, Paytm offers with coupon codes, promo codes and cashback offers with every prepaid paytm online mobile recharge.

Minimum and maximum KYC portfolio clients can add ?Types of portfolios?

There are two types of “paytm portfolios” as defined by the Reserve Bank of India.
1. Minimum Portfolio KYC
2. Complete portfolio KYC

Paytm- Frequently- Asked- Questions- Paytm- FAQ
2016 paytm offers Paytm Frequently Asked Questions Paytm Marketplace Paytm FAQ paytm coupa 2016-17 paytm special offer 2016-2017 paytm online shopping


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KYC Minimum Portfolio: “Minimum KYC Portfolio” clients must verify their mobile phone number and email (optional). “Minimum KYC portfolio clients can add a maximum of Rs 10,000″ within a calendar month in their portfolio. They can send money to other Paytm customers not exceeding Rs 25,000 in a calendar month. They can also send money from their “Paytm wallet “to any bank account not exceeding Rs 25,000 within a calendar month. The total amount of money that can be sent to another Paytm customer and to a bank account can not exceed Rs 25,000 within a calendar month.

KYC Complete Portfolio: Customers can update their “Paytm portfolio” by providing KYC documents prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India.

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Click here to learn how to upgrade your Paytm portfolio for free.

Full Paytm KYC Wallet clients “may hold up to Rs 100,000 in their paytm portfolios” at any time. There is no limit to the amount of money that can be added in a full “KYC Paytm portfolio” as long as the total amount in the “Paytm KYC portfolio” does not exceed Rs 100,000. This means that Full KYC Wallet customers can spend much more than Wallet minimum KYC customers and can also receive more cashback without exceeding the monthly limits of their portfolio. Customers of PAytm KYC Wallet may send money to other Paytm customers not exceeding Rs. 25,000 per calendar month. They can also send money from their “Paytm wallet”

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What is paytm and how to use paytm wallet?

Paytm Christmas offer and more gifts and discounts

Paytm FAQ Questions

to any bank account not exceeding Rs 25,000 within a calendar month. The total amount of money that can be sent to another Paytm customer and to a bank account can not exceed Rs 25,000 within a calendar month.

(new) Seamless – Free Food Delivery & Takeout Service on the App Store

This article about Seamless – Free Food Delivery & Takeout Service “Seamless Food Delivery”Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout Apk Download latest version  Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout APK Download – Free Food & Drink Seamless | Food Delivery from Restaurants Near You ~ Order Online Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout – Android Apps

Description of seamless / take-out food delivery

Order food delivery near you from the application that knows best in New York. Get great restaurants, full menus and no hidden fees.

There is a reason why Seamless is the most loved delivery and resting app in New York. With our excellent restaurant partners we provide exactly what you want with an easy and fast online order service that will make the paper menu call a thing of the past.

 Seamless – Free Food Delivery & Takeout Service on the App Store

Easy Search: Do You Want Tacos? Simply type “tacos” in the search! A list of the closest local taco seals will appear, and all you need to do is choose your spot, choose your taco and place your order. It’s a taco with three taps – it does not get any easier than that.

Re-order favorites more quickly with Express Reorder: Get a Thai Go-to Pad that never warns you? Press “Express Reorder” to quickly bring a previously ordered meal to the cashier.

Pre-order your next meal: Not even the busiest days can ruin an excellent lunch with pre-order on Seamless. Put your order from two hours to four days in advance to get your delivery when you know you’ll need it.

Push Notifications: Stay up-to-date with real-time order updates.
Ratings & Reviews: The Seamless community provides reviews and reviews of our restaurants, giving you access to local ideas you can trust.

Seamless Gifts: If you have a birthday or party along the way, there is no gift like the gift of good food. Seamless has covered you with our eGift Seamless cards, available for any occasion.

More ways to pay: Pay faster with Android Pay, PayPal or a good old-fashioned credit card. Everything that suits you best works well for us.

See how New Yorkers are eating in your neighborhood with Seamless, available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.
Delivery without cosmetics / Take away 3.9.0 APK
Free Lifestyle App by Seamless
Rating 4.3 / 5Downloads: 500,000 Updated on: 18 November 2015
You download Apk Seamless Food Delivery / Takeout 3.9.0 for Android.
Please note that APK20 only shares the original and free version of apk for” Seamless Food Delivery / Take Up v3.9.0″ without any changes.
All applications and games are downloaded directly from Play Store and only for personal or personal use. If the delivery of food without cosmetics / take a take your copyrights, contact us, we will remove it quickly.

Download seamless food delivery / APK back pack

Download Places for Seamless Food Delivery / Takeaway APK 3.9.0 (File Size: 3.5M)

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WARNING: “Seamless Food Delivery / Takeaway” is the property and trademark of Seamless, all rights reserved by Seamless. Click on the link above to access the apk file download page or the application purchase page. What’s new in cosmetic delivery / Take away v3.9.0
Pay as you like, because you can now order with PayPal or cash. Use it all the time or use it when you forget your wallet at home. The food comes from all the senses. Cha Ching.

Order food delivery near the app that knows New York best. Get great restaurants, full menus, and no hidden fees. There’s a reason …
Order food delivery from the app that knows New York best. Get great restaurants, full menus, and no hidden fees. There’s a reason Seamless is the …
You are downloading the Seamless Food / Takeout 3.9.0 apk file for Android:. Seamless Food Delivery / Takeout v3.9.0 without any modifications. … What’s New in Seamless Food Delivery / Takeout v3.9.0.
Seamless App Download Version. Last Updated, March 13, 2017. Apk Size, N / A. App by, Seamless. Category, Free Food & Drink App. Content Rating, Everyone. Support …
Let Your iPhone Dance! Receive directions, songs, or websites with your iPhone and automatically open the proper app. From your phone, push an action onto …
Order food delivery from local restaurants in just a few taps. Download the ease and convenience of Seamless to your device! Ditch the idea of ​​dialing and get

PAyTm New Year offers 2018, PAyTm Promocode 2018|100% Cashback Every Hour

PAytm New Year offer 2018:

Presently discover all the working “PAytm New Year offers 2018” on this single page. Here, you will locate the best rebates, 100% paytm cashback offers” from all the major web based shopping stores. Profit these offers for the greatest advantages of your web based shopping this new year. In this way, pick up the pace.

Download book my show app for movie tickets, plays, sports & events

download BookMyShow: Movie Tickets, Plays, Sports, Events & Cinemas nearby BookMyShow Coupons, Offers: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE – Apr 2017
Searches related to Book my showbookmyshow in hyderabad bookmyshow offers bookmyshow ticket bookmyshow delhi bookmyshow mumbaibookmyshow ahmedabadbookmyshow indorebookmyshow nagpur BookMyShow Coupons: Offers 2 Free Movie Tickets

Download BMS APP for Booking Movies & Upcoming  – BookMyShow-BookMyShow–Movie Tickets,Plays for Android Free Download
BookMyShow–Movie Tickets,Plays Free Download bookmyshow 4.0.5 for Android – Download – Uptodown-BookMyShow–Movie Tickets,Plays APK Download – Android …bookmyshow mobile ticket book my show 4.2.3 apk bookmyshow app download offer bookmyshow app download for pc just tickets app download bookmyshow apk4fun bookmyshow mobile websitebookmyshow ticket print.

Download BMS APP for Booking Movies & Upcoming

BookMyShow helps you decide every night where Indian sub-content is worth decimating for a movie. As you know, the Indian cinema (or Bollywood) has an impressive participation of movies released every year. Some of them could flow to the western public. However, if you want to get the complete experience of Bollywood, you have to go to a cinema (alternatively you can try the torrents).

In BookMyShow, you must first select your city, with the most important cities displayed at the top of the list. You will then be presented with exhibition categories. “BookMySHo” is not just movies. It also tracks plays, sports and cultural events, as well as other types of events that are deposited under “Experiences”.

BookMyShow appp apk download – theater

Regarding movies, however, finding your show can be done in two ways. Find it in the Movies section, then choose a location that shows it. The other way is to select a place and see what happens. “BookMyShow” displays a condensed calendar at the top of the screen on which you can navigate between the days when tickets are available for purchase. There are also icons showing which movie theater offers reservations or mobile tickets. Of course, once you select a cinema (or movie), you can choose the time, ticket type and number of tickets you want to buy. Once this is done, you can choose seats from a graphic representation of the theater. Once this is done and settled, you must fill out your e-mail address and phone number in order to proceed with the checkout.

For other types of events, the reservation / purchase is much simpler or different depending on the type. For example, a football event will show a layout on the stadium and allow you to select a favorite stand (with the associated R price).

You can also register an account with BookMyShow to move faster through quotes (save credit card details) and get future customized recommendations based on your presence history.

BookMyShow – other events

Show reservations
Payments Online
Custom Recommendations
Special offers to registered users

Downlaod Book my show ticket Conclusion

If I lived in Mumbai, I would be certain that “BookMyShow” would be installed. It represents a permanent connection to the cultural rhythm of the region as it goes far beyond simply booking movie tickets.

In BookMyShow you will find the best places to stay in the city. From then on you will be presented with show categories. BookMySHow is not only about movies. It also tracks plays, sports and cultural events, as well as other types of events that are filed under ‘Experiences’.

BookMyShow – theater seating

Regarding movies however, finding your show can be done in two ways. Find it in the Movies section, and then pick it up that shows it. The other way is to see what’s showing. BookMyShow displays a condensed calendar on top of the screen. There are also icons showing which cinema venue offers reservations or mobile tickets. Of course you can choose a cinema (or movie), you can opt for the hour, the number of tickets that you want to purchase. Once you’re done, you can select from a graphic representation of the theater. After that is done and settled, you must fill your email address and phone number in order to proceed to checkout.

For other kind of events, reservation / purchase is with much more simple or different, depending on the type. For example, a soccer event will show a stadium layout and let you select a preferred stand (with the associated Rs.

You can also register an account with BookMyShow in order to pass through your checkouts (saving you credit card details) and get custom future recommendations on your attendance history.

Click here

BookMyShow–Movie Tickets,Plays for Android Free Download

Download bookmyshow app

BookMyShow – other eventsFeatures

Show bookings
Online payments
Personalized Recommendations
Movie trailers
Special offers to registered users


If were to live in Mumbai, I would definitely keep BookMyShow installed. It represents a permanent connection to the cultural beat of the area since it goes far beyond just booking movie tickets.

(updated) USPS Tracking | Priority Mail | Courier | Postal | Packages | Shipments

In this course we are going to tell about USPS Tracking Service for All Your USPS Package USPS Tracking USPS Tracking – Track your shipment worldwide – All In One Tracking USPS Post Tracking USPS tracking number “not found” after 3 days usps tracking mobile usps tracking 9505 usps tracking phone number usps international tracking usps priority mail tracking usps certified mail tracking tracking ups usps phone number

USPS Tracking Service for All Your USPS Packages

USPS Tracking

USPS dates back to 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed Director of Posts and the service provided was immediately recognized as essential to the development of a vast newly emerging country. Since its inception, the company has consistently embraced new transportation technologies and methods to help it resolve the dispute: “Neither snow, rain, heat, nor night The rapid completion of their designated towers.

“The rapid introduction of free newspaper delivery found that literacy rates were the highest in the world for many years and that deliveries of loss to the most remote communities ensured that knowledge was passed on Rapidly and effectively to enable the country to develop very rapidly.

The Pony Express began in 1860, reducing delivery times in some areas, but lasted only 18 months before it was replaced by the transcontinental telegraph line. Free delivery in rural areas in 1896 and then Parcel Post in 1913 enabled the new mail-order concept, used by up to 25% of the population in its early days, to take off.

Air Mail began in 1918, originally using aircraft and army personnel, but this was resumed in 1920 and served as the basis for the US airline industry today. The number of items sent increased rapidly between the 1930s and the 1960s and the search for more efficient systems led to the introduction of the Zone Improvement Plan, commonly known as the Postal Code.

In 2001, a business alliance was created with FedEx Express, which allowed USPS to improve its services without incurring additional costs. The company remains a branch independent of the US government and self-financing; Competitive for trade in the markets of communication, distribution, delivery, advertising and retail.

USPS Tracking – United States Postal Service Courier Tracking

USPS delivery process

USPS uses intelligent messaging barcodes (IMb) to label the items it carries with a unique identity in the form of a fluorescent pattern at the back and a black version on the front. This is completed automatically by machines that can read handwritten or printed addresses. The collection and delivery service follows a standard radius and hub format to connect sorting depots in ever-increasing sizes.

The hubs are divided into: Network Distribution Centers, Auxiliary Sorting Facilities, Disconnection Facilities and Destination Delivery Units. Distances of less than 200 miles are generally covered by trucks and vans, while anything further is carried by air.

The USPS system is used by companies such as UPS and FedEx, where they fit their schedules, particularly in rural areas, resulting in additional revenue. Similarly, UPS agreed to deliver the first class and priority post for USPS in 98 US cities. The company now employs more than 700,000 workers to handle the annual charge of 213 billion items.
USPS Tracking Methods The USPS post can be tracked in four different ways. The client can choose any way to send you the update package. Each method of follow-up is clearly explained below.

Online – By using the online tracking facility, the user can directly access the official USPS website and track the location of the shipment by giving the tracking number. The official website is
E-mail tracking – E-mail tracking service, the customer can send mail to the USPS. The e-mail address to which the user is supposed to send the mail is

The customer must send the tracking number in the message box and send it to the indicated address. When you send a mail, you will be asked to select the survey to access the subject category and subcategory before you can send your mail.
SMS -SMS is one of the easiest and easiest ways to know the information on an expedition’s tracks. Put the shipping number to 28777 with your tracking number as the message content. You will receive the response of the track information through an SMS from the number from which you must send the mail. And in the reply mail, you will receive all information about the shipment.
Direct Contact – Direct contact will let you know the details of the shipment very quickly, so the best way is to contact the customer service directly from the US Postal Service. USPS Customer Service Line at: 1-800-222-1811. So, by calling customer service, we can directly take the information you need and ask for any information you need.
Tracking Number Format – The most common tracking number format is 20 digits (for example, 9999 9999 9999 9999 9999), or a combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters, usually beginning with 2 alphabets, 9 digits followed by Ending with “The United States” (eg EA 999 999 999 US). Other less common formats may also exist, such as ten digits.

USPS Tracking-USPS International Tracking & USPS Priority Mail

USPS Awards

There are a number of different shipping options with USPS, the price depends on the service, size and weight of the item. Express mail is used for letters, envelopes, tubes and packed items with a two-day delivery schedule including basic insurance. Priority mail is slightly slower but cheaper; Both options have a maximum weight limit of 70 pounds and a length of 108 inches. First class mail does not define a specific delivery period, although it is normally no longer than three days. Parcel Post is described as an affordable and reliable way to send packages but still with the same weight and size limitations of Express Mail. Media Mail is usually the cheapest option, but is limited to books, manuscripts and other readable media formats.

Parcel Security

There are a number of additional features that can be included in the USPS delivery service that improve the security of the item being sent. Services include certified mail, registered mail, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation and additional insurance coverage up to a value of $ 1,000. These allow the tracking of high-value items and proof that the package has been published and received in case of dispute.

USPS Tracking Options

USPS uses a system known as CONFIRMER to track items through its delivery process, which uses smart messaging barcodes
USPS Priority Mail Express – Priority Mail Express is one of the best equipment by the USPS. Priority messaging service is available for delivery 7 days a week. Express Priority Mail is considered a time-sensitive service for sending documents or e-mail. Customer service will also provide guaranteed night delivery to major locations. The cost of this service will depend on the priority of the customer.

USPS Priority Mail – Priority messaging service is provided by the USPS based on the priority of the customer. The shipment will reach the destination within 1 to 3 working days. In this facility, customers can choose the flat rate. The flat rate will eliminate the need to wait for items up to 70 lbs. The service will depend on the priority required by the customer and the desired location.

USPS First Class Mail: First Class Mail is the most affordable service for standard size and one-piece package up to 3.5 oz and packages up to 13 oz. Usually used for delivery of postcards, letters or packages. It delivers shipments within 1 to 3 business days. And this is the biggest service at very attractive prices.

Priority Mail Express – The Express Express Mail Express service guarantees overnight delivery to any location within the country. In addition, the USPS tracking service is included in this document.
In addition, there are additional services, provided by USPS; This could be attractive to customers:

Certificate of dispatch
Follow USPS
Recommended mail and delivery as priority USPS mail
Collect on delivery
Signature Confirmation
USPS Hold Mail – USPS Hold Mail is the best facility that is exclusively designed for guests who are on vacation or who do not live at the residence address for a period. Thus, the USPS will keep your emails protected and protected as you go home. This is one of the best facilities that the USPS provides to its customers, so that the mail or package to reach its destination. And to the exact person to whom the client sent the mail.


USPS real person – Live Customer Service numbers and human support

USPS Customer Service
USPS Phone Number USPS Customer Service Number: – USPS Contact USPS e-mail address: –

USPS Customer Service or USPS Phone Number: 1-800-275-8777 (1-800-ASK-USPS)
Hours: M-F – 8:00 am – 8:30 pm ET; Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm ET; Sun / Holidays – Closed

(new) 11 Of The Tastiest Biryani Restaurants In Hyderabad

This article about Best Biryani Restaurant in Hyderabad City Biryani Restaurants in Hyderabad Of Hyderabad’s Best Biryani Joints To Frequent This Festive Season Places In Hyderabad Every Biryani Lover Must Visit! Travel & Food Top Places To Eat Hyderabadi Biryani BEST BIRYANI IN HYDERABAD – Reviews, Photos – Bawarchi Where did you have the best Hyderabadi Biryani in Hyderabad, India best biryani in hyderabad 2015 paradise biryani in hyderabad best biryani in hyderabad old city biryani hyderabadi recipe best biryani in secunderabad cafe bahar & restaurant hyderabad, telanganabest veg biryani in hyderabad “best biryani in hyderabad” quora.

We all try our best level not to suggest biryani to those who are going to Hyderabad for the first time, but what can we do if our biryanis are simply irresistible. We all know that the cafes of the old town are the best places to have authentic biryani. However, the atmosphere can scare people from other cities who do not know how to talk Hyderabadi jargon. So, for the sake of biryani, here are some of the” best restaurants in Hyderabad” for an almost original flavor:

Tastiest and Top Biryani Restaurants In Hyderabad

1. Cafe Bahar

Courtesy: Chandra-Sekhar

It can certainly be said that this is one of the emblematic places of Hyderabad for the haleem and the biryani. They serve the best flavors when it comes to charming delights at extremely reasonable prices. Finish your meal with the Qubani Ka Meetha dessert.

Location: Old MLA Quarters, Hyderguda, Basheer Bagh
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 600

2. Sarvi


Although they are located in one of the main localities of the city, they serve spicy biryanis at decent prices. It is necessary to dig dum biryani or the dum biryani chicken and snatch.

Location: Opposite Care Hospital, Road 11, Banjara Hills
Cost for Two: ~ Rs. 850

3. Bawarchi

Courtesy: Sandhya

The biryani here is so appetizing that coffee has this standard note on its door “We have no other branches”. So do not leave soon with another board that says Bawarchi restaurant in town. The best biryani here is the biryani sheep and for beginners try the Boti Kebab.

Location: next to the Astoria Hotel, RTC Cross Road, Chikkadpally, Nallakunta
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 600

4. Shah Ghouse

Courtesy: ghouse

This place is not only a good biryani at lunchtime, but also the best place to satisfy the cravings of midnight biryani. The Tangdi kebab and the haleem are the best accompaniments for the meal in the biryani. Finish your meal with the original Irani Chai.

Location: Opposée SA Imperial Gardens, Near RTA Office, Tolichowki
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 600

5. Grand Hotel


If you are shopping in Koti or Abids, you have to stop here for a satisfying biryani time. They are open until 2 in the morning so you never worry about missing your favorite sheep biryani.

Location: in front of the Big Bazaar, 4-1-395, Abids Road
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 600

6. Meridian Cafe & Restaurant

Courtesy: Javed-Mohammed- (The-Food-Rahbarr)

Another popular haunt that has become a landmark in Hyderabad is the Meridian Cafe. Since they are very close to the PVR, one can savor the biryani after a good period of film. You can also try the sheep chops or the grilled chicken if you are looking for something different.

Location: 6-3-697 / 1, Panjagutta Cross Road, Panjagutta
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 550

7. Hotel Shadab

Courtesy: Zubair-Zuby-Zu

Sheep biryani, paya, biryani chicken, shirmal, shikampuri kebabs are some of the many amazing dishes you can clog up at the Shadab Hotel. Apparently, these places beat many historical sites in Hyderabad, being among the best places to visit in Hyderabad.

Location: 21, opposite Madina Building, High Court Road
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 850

8. Maa Ooru biryani

Courtesy: Bhargav-Reddy

Generally, people are looking for hamburger chains or fast food for a gathering place, but Maa Ooru biryani is an ideal way to catch up with your friends. The best part, you get biryani or finger that lick good chicken pops.

Location: MIG 423, Sri Maruthi Nilayam, Phase 3, KPHB, Kukatpally
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 350

9. Hotel Abhiruchi


Finally, a place where you can have fabulous Biryani shrimp with Andhra specialties. You can also try the puddle kodi biryani instead of the regular flavors. This is the perfect cafe for IT guys in the neighborhood.

Location: Durgam Cheruvu Road, Near Nectar Gardens, Madhapur
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 700

10. Silver Salt


We all know that Hyderabad has great places and tasty biryanis, but what if you wanted the best of both worlds in the same place? It is then that you go towards the silver salt and fill up on the shisha and the biryani at the same time.

Location: 6th Floor, Sufi Chambers Complex, Route 1, Banjara Hills
Cost for two: ~ Rs. 1200

11. Paradise


Well, if one speaks of legendary biananic articulations, one must mention Paradise. Now that there is a distribution in the city, one can choose to have their specialty at one of the 9nines, but you can always go to the Circle of Paradise in Secunderabad.

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