(new) The 5 best websites to book tickets online in India

The 5 best websites to book tickets online in India
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Movie booking sites in India

You know that there are several advantages to booking movie tickets online, as if you are going to a group, there could be very little chance of getting seats nearby for all your friends but if you book in Line, you can already select and reserve your seats to all together.

Thus, there are many websites available on the internet that allow to “book movie tickets online” for the desired theater in your city.
But with the benefits of booking online movie tickets, there are also disadvantages. This means that dozens of fake “ticket booking sites” also nibble people day-to-day and steal their private card information. So in this article I will provide the top 5 most reliable websites to” book movie tickets online in India”. All are widely popular and you can faithfully believe on these sites.

Websites to book movie tickets online

Now without taking a long time, I simply switch to the list of the best and most reliable websites to book movie tickets online in India.

1. Book my show

Book MyShow is the most popular movie booking site in India with a high Alexa rank in the world and India. This shows that the website is very reputable and reputable. It provides instant ticket booking facility. So, after visiting the website, just select the movie, the date of observation and your city. After that, you can pay money through your debit card or Internet banking.

2. Ticket Please

Ticket please is a unique portal for your tickets, your way of making movies, concerts, games and sporting events. The website offers the public an online ticket buying facility as well as numerous offers and features that will entertain them. Ticket has been linked with leading multiplexers with several single-screen theaters in India to offer customers the convenience of making ticketing almost everywhere.

3. Ticket New

Ticket New is the best and most recent venue to check out events, sports, movies and other entertainment activities that are taking place around you. When you visit the website, it asks you to select your city first, then you will be able to select the movie for ticket booking. So it also provides a very simple mechanism for booking online tickets in various states of India.

4. Big Cinemas

This is another great and popular website to” buy movie tickets online”. It offers its services with a screen of about 516 across India, the United States and Malaysia. As you go to visit the site, you will have to choose your country, then you can buy movie tickets online, whether you are in India or the United States.

5. Cinemax

It is a very simple and easy to use website where you can book movie tickets without confusion. If you do not want to register here, it offers the option of entering the site as a guest and booking tickets. It has the largest exhibition theater chains in India with 39 properties, 138 screens and 33,522 seats.

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Online booking of movie tickets. Books and Buy Events, Games, Music Concerts, Film, Theater, Sports, T20 and World Cup Cricke You may have heard about Bookmyshow.com, one of the sites Of the most popular online movie tickets. … There are few websites of this type, where one can easily search for movie tickets online. … The best online movie booking sites.
Now without taking a long time, I simply switch to the list of the best and most reliable websites to book movie tickets online in India. Book My Show. Book My Show. Ticket Please. Ticket Please. Ticket New. Big Cinemas. Cinemax.