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  • JAXB-2 Maven Plugin Basic Examples - Java

    Aug 11, 2015 This plugin runs the XJC binding compiler from the JAXB outside of Maven and this plugin, but that is typically viewed as advanced usage.

  • JAXB for OGC - Java Bindings for OGC Schemas OGC

    JAXB comes with a schema compiler called XJC which consumes an XML schema and Unfortunately, compiling OGC schemas with XJC is not easy: Usage. There are two main ways to use this project: Use the generated classes in your

  • Customizing JAXB Bindings

    Binding customization files should be straight ASCII text. The name or extension does not matter, although a typical extension, used in this chapter, is .xjb .

  • JAXB RI -- Binding Compiler (xjc) Project

    The binding compiler can be launched using the appropriate xjc shell script in the bin directory for c:\path\to\jaxb\bin\ -help. Output. Usage: xjc [-options .

  • JAXB RI fcs -- Binding Compiler (xjc)

    c:\path\to\jaxb\bin\ -help. Output. Usage: xjc [-options ] . If all else fails, you should be able to execute the file:.

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